Low quality lab test goes fine!

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Protective screen for intubation operations

Many infections of health personnel occur at the time of intubation.
Thanks to the donation of the company Vascoplast, which built and delivered the prototype in 3 hours, the hospital Aranzazu Donostia has a very effective protection from now on.

High quality Polyamide 12 compact ring from Barcelona

These are the photos of our 3D printed compact ring model. Thanks to two angel investors who paid the 3D print, Iruña Tecnologias de Automatización and Hirudi Sistemas 3D, from Navarra and the Navarra Government, who paid for the transport and officially guarded the ring.

Global release of The Breathing Bubble technical documents

After weeks of hard work we can launch the web and technical plans of the breathing bubble. A device that helps prevent the collapse of patients with coronavirus, and prevents infection of health personnel.
This development has been possible thanks to the collaboration of individuals, organizations, public administration and law enforcement agencies.
From here we send them all our warmest applause.
In the absence of images of the high quality prototype, I show you those, shot at Plastigaur, of the prototype that is receiving good reviews from the hospitals where it has been shown.