A Creative & Direct Idea to Save Lives​

We are qualified professionals.
We are human.
People developing our know-how in different areas.
Getting underway sanitary products and solutions that help preserve and create life.
Especially for those who need to recover their breathing to get well.
Together we have created a big light bubble.
Breathing is staying alive. With our knowledge and energy,
we hope to bring a fresh breeze to save lives .
Air is life.

Air Is Life

Life Saving Breathing Aid

Keep the patient breathing

Treatment with O2 intake to avoid collapse and ICU admission for patients who have difficulty breathing, but who can still do it themselves without the need for an invasive system.

Keep the room free of virus

Physical barrier that prevents spread of the patient’s COVID19-infected breath to the environment, which prevents infection of healthcare personnel.

Easy connection

Prepared to be connected directly to the sanitary air and oxygen intakes of the fixed hospital installation, or other available ventilating devices. Four 22 mm connectors for multiple purposes.

Why this development?

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted access to essential medical devices. Due to export ban in countries producing health care devices, international markets for this kind of products have collapsed, and national productions are far away from arriving to meet the urgent needs in health care systems.

​Breathing devices are one of this unavailable products, and from the start our goal was to reach a local solution:

  • Very Simple Set Up
  • Low Cost
  • Fast Production

Fertile ground.

The Basque Country and Navarra are the perfect ecosystem for this type of initiatives, with universities, industry, research centers, investment potential and an local government support that drives entrepreneurship.

The team.

Industry, research centers, public administration, healthcare professionals and management experts have collaborated in this promising solution.

The spirit of all participants in this endeavor is to be able to help all those who need our device, so that they can obtain it as quickly and economically as possible.
That is why we grant a temporary license to use our Know how for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, free for all people who cannot acquire this device in any other way.

Our engineers continue to research new solutions that will be distributed on this website under the same terms explained above.
Our industrial partners also develop efficient ways of producing as many units as possible.

Follow us for more information.

Value proposal.

During the pandemic we want to give a last resort solution, perfectly viable to keep patients with good physical strength conditions, so that they can overcome COVID-19 disease.

We are going to give special access to the industrial blueprints of our development for populations in special needs while the pandemic lasts or our supply is available. Those who cannot receive a supply from us due to the lack of units available for export can:

  • Individuals can freely use our shared knowledge to produce their own devices during the pandemic.
  • Special temporary production licenses to governments of countries without financial resources to address the pandemic, NGOs operating in those countries, or sending help from another country to developing nations, while the pandemic lasts.
  • Companies and governments, must contact us to get special conditions case by case.
  • Developers and makers are free to inspire their works with our designs.